• Accommodation


At our school we introduce school dormitories and sharehouses managed by affiliated companies.
If you wish, please offer at the time of application.

Shared House

Please choose your preferred housing and room type from shared houses we offer in Tokyo.
Applicants must be able to communicate in Japanese, English, Chinese or Korean as a prerequisite to entering the shared houses.

Room Type Initial Cost Monthly Cost (Utilities included) In-house cost
Dormitory Type 30,000 yen 39,800 yen 69,800 yen
Semi-Private Type 30,000 yen 49,800 yen 79,800 yen
Private Room Type 30,000 yen 65,000 yen 95,000 yen

All types Common items

  • Monthly Cost must be paid on a monthly basis.
  • Furniture, home appliances, bedding, daily necessities, Wi-Fi etc. are included.
  • Utility costs are included in the Monthly Cost.
Student Dormitory

Regular Apartments

If you would like to apply for regular apartment accommodation please let us know separately.
We will assign the realtor of our group for you to help find your accommodation.