What happens if I become ill or get in an accident?
Upon admission to the school, all students enroll in the National Health Insurance program. This insurance covers 70% of treatment costs for illness and injury. The insurance premium is 20,000 yen per year. Students are also enrolled in insurance for international students. This provides compensation for the 30% of treatment costs that is not paid for by National Health Insurance. The insurance premium is 10,000 yen annually.
Are there student dormitories?
Those who request such will be provided with referrals to student dormitories that are affiliated with the school as well as housing in the private sector.
Those who want to search for housing on their own will be assisted by the real estate company of the LALL Group for a nominal fee. Many students opt to ive in a dormitory until getting used to life in Japan.
At that point, they move to location of their choice.
Is it possible for students to work part-time?
An Extra-status Activity Permit needs to be acquired by those wishing to work part-time.
Once acquired, the permit will allow the student to work up to 28 hours per week (up to 8 hours a day during extended breaks). Hourly wages in Tokyo are around 900 yen. Those wishing to work will be eligible for referrals by the school to positions made available by businesses affiliated with the school.
What are the approximate living expenses per month?
Though it differs from individual to individual, living expenses range from 50,000 to 80,000 yen per month, not including rent and utilities.
For example,food expenses can be 20,000-30,000 yen, mobile phone charges 5,000 yen,transportation costs 10,000 yen, and spending money 20,000-30,000 yen.
Will the school assist me in finding a job?
For students who opt to start their career rather than seek academic advancement, the school offers support in the finer points of successfully finding employment.
This includes instruction on how to create a resume and tips for having a successful interview. In addition, career opportunities in the LALL Group are made available to students with distinguished grades and an exemplary learning attitude.
Is there interaction with Japanese people?
Exchange event with the Japanese employees of the LALL Group are planned. This will give students the chance to make practical use of their Japanese skills while interacting with individuals who cover a wide age range.