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"Live and Let Live" is the philosophy of the LALL Group. This signifies our goal of facilitating a society in which all generations, from the young to seniors, can live in mutual harmony. Though our activities have thus far been mainly inside of Japan, we have taken our "Live and Let Live" vision to the global stage so that it transcends ethnicities and nationalities.
The establishment of the Shibuya LALL Japanese Language School represents a tangible manifestation of that vision. By providing the young people of countries the world over with a venue for learning about the Japanese language and Japanese culture and thereby deepening mutual understanding, our desire is to develop individuals to take on the task of bringing together others around the world in the realms of business and culture.


Language is a great tool leading you to the bright future, various possibilities and the new world.
I hope international students who study at our school by all means get a tool called "Japanese" and enrich their life and future with it.
Shibuya LALL Japanese Language School will do its best to support international students so that they can actively try to do new things and open up the better future while they live in Japan peacefully.
Let's do our best together to make our dreams come true.

The Seven Ways We Support Our Students

The school has experienced faculty members and a clerical staff that will provide students with support that makes possible for them to study in Japan with peace of mind. And this support is further fortified by the LALL Group,which provides extensive assistance in non-academic areas as well, such as housing and health care.

1Learning Support
We give each and every student an individual interview on a regular basis in order to assess individual learning progress and provide the appropriate follow-up.
2Academic Career Support
As our goal is to ensure successful academic advancement to 100% of the student body, each student is provided with customized advice.
3Working Opportunity Supprt
Students who seek career paths in Japan are provided with support in ways such as how to create a resume and how an applicant can achieve success in an interview.
4Language Support
Our language support services are in English, Vietnamese, and Chinese. We have Vietnamese and Chinese nationals on staff who have experience in study abroad.
5Health Care Support
Students are eligible to receive medical care at the hospital of the LALL Group. As students are enrolled in an insurance policy, there is no need to worry about costs for treatment.
6Housing Support
Students are provided with referrals to student dormitories that are affiliated with the school as well as to housing in the private sector. The LALL Group includes a real estate company that will assist students in their search for housing.
7Community Life Support
The school provides students with support in order to successfully navigate community life in Japan. This includes assistance with procedures at local government offices and banks as well as tips for success in interviewing for part-time work.

School building introduction

Located a five-minute walk from Hatagaya Station on the Keio New Line, our school provides the finest learning environment for foreign students, as this quiet residential community within the big city is a place that affords the opportunity for focused study. As the school is located closest to Hatagaya Station, which offers access to Shinjuku Station via a four-minute train ride as well as access to Shibuya Station in about 15 minutes by either train or bus, this is a very convenient location for commuting, shopping, and working part-time.

School building

Operating company information

The LALL Group

The school is operated by the LALL Group, a corporate group consisting of 19 companies, the school will be committed to supporting foreign students’ studies, life in Japan,academic careers, and work opportunities.

LALL Human Holdings Ltd.

3F Asahi Seimei Miyamasuzaka Building, 1-9-8 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo