Course Information

College Preparatory course

Geared for those seeking advancement to Japanese universities, graduate schools, vocational schools or other academic institutions, this course includes Japanese language instruction from the beginning to the advanced levels. It also includes instruction in how to pass certification testing, interview, and otherwise successfully complete the testing process required for academic advancement.

Course Admission term Period of application Classroom hours
Preparatory 2-year course April September - November 5 days a week Mon. through Fri.
Morning classes 8:45 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Afternoon classes 1:15 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Preparatory 1-year and 9-month course July December - February
Preparatory 1-year and 6-month course October March - May
Preparatory 1-year and 3-month course January June - August

Learning Outcomes

  • Students become proficient in practical Japanese language skills through instruction that features an optimal balance of the four basic skills: reading, writing, speaking,and listening.
  • Students learn what it takes to become a self-motivated learner.
  • Instruction is oriented toward maximizing a capacity for accepting and valuing other cultures while also maintaining a healthy appreciation of the learner’s own identity.


The curriculum of our school is made every three months, but the progress of classes is adjusted according to the situation of students enrolled accordingly.
Levels are divided into 8 levels: introductory I, introductory II, Elementary Intermediate, Intermediate I, Intermediate II, Advanced Intermediate, Advanced I, and Advanced II.
The level at the time of admission will be decided by classification test.

Introductory Class I
Introductory Class II
Elementary Intermediate Class
Intermediate Class I
Intermediate Class II
Advanced Intermediate Class
Advanced Class I
Advanced Class II

Textbooks Used